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Shop a great selection of modern ceiling mobiles and stabiles: discover a wonderful range in various shapes and colors.

(77 items)

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Stella Nova Mobile: Flensted Modern Ceiling Mobiles 101

Flensted Danish Talking Tree Mobile FL108

Flensted Futura Contemporary Futuristic Ceiling Mobile FL110

Flensted Easter Hen Home Decor Mobile FL111

Flensted Mirage Primary 4-Color Ceiling Mobile FL113

Large Modern Mirage Mobile 75" by Flensted FL113L

Flensted Floating Fish Wooden Mobile FL116

Flensted Life and Thread 5-Part Modern Ceiling Mobile FL124

Flensted Mobile Life and Thread Large

Flensted So Close Modern Circular Ceiling Mobile FL131

Flensted Mobiles Abstract Metamorphose Mobile FL132

Flensted Tango Blue Mobile FL133

Flensted Red Tango Mobile FL133R

Flensted Wings Contemporary Black Ceiling Mobile

Flensted Stratos Modern Danish Ceiling Mobile FL136

Flensted Outdoor Bird Feeder Mobile FL137

Flensted Universum Modern Abstract Space Mobile 139

Flensted 5 Circular Bunnies Mobile FL140

Flensted Danish Turning Leaves Mobile FL141

Flensted Sea Horse Underwater Ocean Ceiling Mobile

Kinderkram: Dragonfly Libelle Mobile

Kinderkram: Shepherd Mobile

Kinderkram: Marine Life Mobile

Kinderkram: Nils Holgerson Mobile

Kinderkram: Floating Fish and Seahorse Mobile

Kinderkram: Globe Mobile

Flensted Butterflies 5-Pc Colorful Arts/Craft Butterfly Mobile

Flensted Black Rhythm Mobile FL37

Flensted Blue Rhythm Danish Mobile FL37AB

Flensted Silver Rhythm Mobile FL37AN

Flensted Guggenheim Museum Modern Mobile FL417

Flensted Mobile Flowing Rhythm Black and Red

Flensted Flowing Rhythm Rainbow Colors Mobile

Flensted Flowing Rhythm Mobile Yellow/Black FL5Y

Flensted Symphony 3 Movements Calder-Style Mobile FL62

Flensted Elephant Party 3-Pc Yellow/Blue/Red Hanging Mobile

Flensted 3 Balloons Mobile FL78A

Flensted Balloon 5 Mobile w Five Balloons by Flensted Mobiles

Flensted Danish Science Fiction Mobile FL8

Flensted Mobile Happy Whales Green/Yellow

Flensted Mobile Happy Whales Black/Gray

The 3 Happy Sealions Mobile: Flensted Mobiles 088

Balance in Red: Steel Ceiling Mobile

Alexander Calder Inspired Steel Table Stabile Sculpture

Flensted Danish Lucky Storks Mobile

Flensted 3 Soaring Seagulls Danish Hanging Mobile

Flensted Four Hugging Bears Mobile FL115

Flensted Three Horses Mobile FL118

Flensted Penguin Talk Danish Ceiling Mobile FL119

Flensted HC Andersen Ugly Duckling Mobile FL12

Flensted Mobile Dance of Cranes

Flensted Spectrum Modern Guggenheim Art Mobile 121

Flensted Breeze Mobile Danish Modern Ceiling FL143

Flensted 3 Viking Ships Danish Mobile FL71

Flensted Five Viking Ships Mobile Scandinavian FL18

Flensted Trumpet Angels Holiday Decor Window Display Mobile

Flensted Swallows Ceiling Mobile 3-Piece Swallow Bird

Flensted 3 Dinghy Regatta Sailing Boats Mobile FL26

Flensted 5 Dinghy Regatta Sailing Boats Mobile FL527

Flensted Shoal of Fish Floating 8-Fish Ceiling Mobile FL30

Flensted Danish Scandinavian Swans Mobile FL4

Flensted Playing Cats Mobile Denmark FL409

Flensted Arts-Crafts Postcard Mobile FL4191

Flensted Mobile Tate Gallery Museum Mobile

Flensted The Wisest Owl Danish Modern Mobile FL51

Dolphinarium Mobile

Jugglers Apprentice Ceiling Mobile by Flensted 64

Flensted Mobile Angel Chorus with 25 Angels

Flensted Mobile Noahs Peace Rainbow Peace Mobile

Flensted Jonah and the Whale Danish Modern Mobile FL96

Flensted Pink Piggy Mobile FM098R

Grace: Steel Table Mobile

Motion in Yellow: Steel Ceiling Mobile

Red Balance: Steel Ceiling Mobile

Red, Black and Blue: Steel Ceiling Mobile

Solar System: Steel Ceiling Mobile

Green Balance: Steel Ceiling Mobile
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