Flensted Symphony in 3 Movements 26" Art Mobile, Natural

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Symphony in 3 movements Mobile Nature
Flensted, Denmark.

New in gift box ceiling mobile, made by Flensted in Denmark, Europe. Step into the world of music-inspired art with Ole Flensted's Symphony Mobile, a timeless design dating back to 1972. Whether it graces the space above your piano or your own special room, this mobile captures the essence of music, created with Mozart's symphonies in mind. Watch as notes dance elegantly over the pages, reflecting the harmonious composition of a symphony. The word 'symphony,' derived from the Greek 'syn' (together) and 'foni' (sound), perfectly encapsulates the mobile's essence. Crafted from featherlight materials, the mobile plays with the air like a conductor orchestrating a masterpiece. Choose from the original version or the classic black rendition to add a touch of musical elegance to your space.

Material: Plastic, Steel Rods.
Size: 7" x 24"

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