Flensted Mobile Angel Chorus with 9 Angels

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Angel Chorus with 9 Angels: Flensted Mobile
Ole Flensted: Flensted, Denmark.

New in gift box ceiling mobile, made by Flensted in Denmark, Europe.

Gravity seems to hold no sway over this exceptional Flensted Mobile featuring an Angel Chorus with nine celestial beings. Designed to keep its elements in perpetual motion, the entire mobile maintains a harmonious equilibrium. Witnessing the deliberate, unhurried dance of these angelic figures serves as a therapeutic stress-reliever. Meticulously assembled and balanced by skilled hands, each mobile is ready to hang upon arrival. An ideal gift for those who appreciate the celestial and divine.

Material: White- and Gold-Plated Cardboard.

Size: 14" x 14"

Usually ships in 1-2 business days.

Flensted Mobiles:
On the island of Funen in Denmark, where Hans Christian Andersen was born, you can find a present-day fairy tale - Flensted Mobiles - a family business that has been designing mobiles since the early 1950's. What makes Flensted Mobiles so unique is their proven popularity decade after decade. Many Flensted's original designs are just as popular today as they were in the 1950's and 1960's. All Flensted Mobiles continue to be handmade in Denmark and quality is consistently maintained with pride by Danish crafts people.