Modern Watches, clocks and timepieces by Braun designed by Dieter Rams. Free shipping, save up to 32% off on authentic Braun Watches - get the best price guaranteed on digital and automatic, Chrono & Mesh Watch Style. Shop the latest watches from our range of stylish mens designer watches, in a vast range of colors, materials and styles. NOVA68 offers the bold and sleek Braun BN0035 as well as the limited edition Braun Prestige collection which is very finely detailed; featuring a large amount of information organized with great clarity and balance on a face surprisingly small for a watch of this type. The Braun timepieces have been designed with straight-forward yet clever details to enhance their individual uses through a combination of form and function.

Braun Watches; designed by German industrial designers Dieter Rams & Dietrich Lubs. As head of design at Braun, Dieter Rams emerged as one of the most influential industrial designers of the late 20th century by defining an elegant, legible, yet rigorous visual language for its products. Together with Lubs, he defined ten principles of good design which are mirrored in the Braun watch collection. Braun's first analog wristwatch was the AW 10, with was designed by Dietrich Lubs on behalf of Dieter Rams. The classic Braun watch transported the minimalist perfection of the ABW 41 and AB 1 alarm clocks onto a classic cool wrist watch with clean looking Helvetica fonts and elongated hash marks for increased visibility. AW 10 was enormously popular and it would herald the start of an extensive collection of Braun Watches; all of which were released from 1989 throughout the 1990s. Clocks, watches and calculators were important primarily in the back-to-the-future 1980's and set new design standards for clarity and reduction, combined with innovative technology. During the 1980's Braun concluded its presence in the HiFi business with an exclusive "Limited edition" to then focus on the more lucrative small appliance sector, in particular personal care and household products including watches, clocks, shavers and the Oral-B Tootbrush which would become their best selling product.

Braun watches and clocks were awarded a total of four German Design Awards at the annual awards ceremony in Frankfurt on 7th February 2014. The German Design Award is an international premium prize, which successfully enhances the standing of both designers and companies. Prizes are awarded to top quality products and projects from product and communication design, design personalities and newcomers, all of whom are —in their own way— pioneering in German and international design landscape. As an industry competition for the industry that highlights participants’ great design expertise, the German Design Award has an excellent public image. This is also down to the reputation of its organizer, the German Design Council, which has been representing and supporting the German design industry with its expertise in all questions relating to design for 60 years now. To win a German Design Award on the occasion of the anniversary of the German Design Council is especially significant – it stands for 60 years of design culture.

Today, NOVA68 has re-introduced the remarkably beautiful line of Braun wristwatches based on the early Dietrich Lubs and Dieter Rams designs, as well as newer products like the Prestige digital watch, which won both Red Dot Design & iF awards in 2012.

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