Braun Digital Travel Alarm Clock BN-C009

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Product Details

Braun Digital Travel Alarm Clock
Developed by Braun

Braun's Digital table clock collection making use of updated technologies without losing the design discipline of Braun's golden era. This beautiful modern alarm clock is perfect on any modern bedside tables! Designed to provide you with a quality and minimalist solution for your time-telling needs, the Braun clock captures the essence of the "less and more" philosophy of Dieter Rams. A pure design that is refreshingly devoid of any distractions. The digital table clocks are brand new designs under the direction of Makus Orthey, senior designer with Braun and and Gillette in Germany.

This clock have rounded corners and are flush on all sides. They have top quality, scratch-resistant, easy to read LCD screens, Blue LED backlights, snooze function and quick set controls on the top of the clock.

-Angled stand 3" square x 5/8"d plus 1" d battery compartment.
-High clarity LCD display with intuitive functionality. Display shows both time and alarm time.
-12/24 hour function.
-Pop-up green switch controls alarm on/off as well as snooze and delayed light function.
-Two-year warranty. Duracell AA battery is included.
-Available in black, white

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