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Modern Stools is the leading modern and contemporary furniture store:

Free Shipping > Low Price Guarantee > No Added Sales Tax > Expert Customer Service specializes in quality modern chairs at affordable prices. We offer free shipping on our entire modern furniture collection. Our modern chair collection includes chairs made by famous designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Aarnio, Eero Saarinen, Verner Panton, Frank Gehry, Ron Arad, Jean Prouve, Jasper Morrison, Sori Yanagi. Each chair is the authorized and fully licensed authentic modern chair from the authorized manufactures including Adelta, Heller, Vitra design, Magis. We do not sell cheap furniture copies or discounted knock-offs but authorized chairs from the original manufacturer, at the best prices possible. Check our unique selection of modern furniture including contemporary and modern chairs, living room chairs, dining room chairs, home office and business task chairs, rocking chairs, modern sofas, stools, poufs, lounge chairs, chaise, outdoor chairs and more. Our selection of modern and contemporary chairs is both attractive and functional. We offer free shipping, guaranteed low pricing and charge no additional sales tax on our entire collection of modern furniture and chairs. And most of our modern furniture collection is in stock and ready to ship. Contact our friendly modern furniture experts today.

Our incredible modern and contemporary designer furniture collection will enhance any home decor and interior setting. We offer modern furniture, contemporary furniture, design furniture, modern chairs and contemporary designer seating, modern benches, lounge chairs, rocking chairs, modern sofas, modern stools, mid century modern furniture, office chairs, dining chairs, furniture chairs, design furniture, desk chairs, retro chairs and much more. We specialize in room furniture, dining furniture and contemporary modern furniture for the modern home.

Our furniture store offers the best in modern furniture from the best names in modern furniture design such as Vitra Design, Tendo Japan, Tecta, Heller Design Furniture, Frederica, Swedese, Adelta, Magis Design, Offi and many more. is also the premier modern furniture store specializing in modern design classics. We have many chairs which are exhibited in museum collections such as the famous Panton chair designed by Verner Panton in 1960, the Wiggle chair from the Frank Gehry furniture collection and the Eames La Chaise lounge chiar designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1948. All these modern design chairs are perfect for modern home settings.

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Massimo Vignelli: Heller Vignelli Armchair
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Modern Frank Gehry Silver Three|Right|Left Twist Cube by Heller

Vitra Design Modern White Plastic Panton Junior Kids' Chair from Verner Panton

VITRA 210010004: Vitra Organic 32.5" Armchair by Eames & Saarinen

Frank Gehry Modern Design Cardboard Wiggle Side Chair by Vitra Easy-Edges

VITRA 40600100: Vitra Classic 33" Panton Chair by Verner Panton

VITRA 41210001: Vitra La Chaise 59" Sculptural Lounge Chair by Eames

Jean Prouve: Standard Chair Black Frame by Vitra

Jean Prouvé: Cité Armchair Vitra

Arad Tom Vac Chair by Ron Arad for Vitra

Vitra Design Modern S-Shape Plastic Panton Dining Chair from Verner Panton

PASTIL Space Age Modern White Indoor/Outdoor Chair by Eero Aarnio - Aarnio Pastil Chair

Eero Aarnio 41.50" Ball Chair

41.5" Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair: Silver

Eero Aarnio: Modern Design Pony Chair

Arata Isozaki: Marilyn chair

Superieur: Mid Century Modern Sun Lounge Chair

Willy Guhl: Loop Chair Modern Concrete Outdoor Garden Chair

Studio 65: Heller Capitello Modern Roman Outdoor Chair / Sculpture

Konstantin Grcic: Chair One (Set of 2)

Daisaku Choh: Sakakura chair

Kids Eames Childrens Red Elephant Modern Chair Sculpture Seat Stool

Eero Aarnio Focus 2 Chair by Adelta

Patrick Messier: Gamba Chair

Peter Ghyczy: Space Age Modern Egg Chair

Peter Ghyczy: GN2 Chair

Joe Colombo Multichair Chaise B-Line

Mario Bellini: Heller Arco Bellini Armchair (6)

Heller JOE 67.75"W Modern Outdoor Lounge Easy Chair

Modern Frank Gehry Plastic Outdoor Garden Club Armchair

Mario Bellini: Heller MB 1 Chair

Mario Bellini: Heller Belllini Chair (6)

Vico Magistretti: Heller New Selene Chair (Set of 4)

Joe and Janet Doucet: Void Chair

Patrick Messier: Mamma Rocking Chair

Michele De Lucchi: First Chair

Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni Invisible Glass Chair by Tonelli

Jasper Morrison: Air Chair Magis (Set of 4)

Eero Aarnio Childrens Trioli Chair / Rocker by Magis Furniture

Eero Aarnio: Puppy Abstract Dog Modern Child Chair / Sculpture - Small

Rodolfo Bonetto: Boomerang Modern Lounge Chair

Jean Prouve: Standard Chair Vitra Cream Frame by Vitra

Jean Prouve: Standard Chair Vitra Japanese Red Frame

Jean Prouve: Standard Chair Vitra Red Frame

Tejo Remy: Rag Chair for Droog

Mario Brunu: Rodica Serie 125 Chair

Joe Colombo: Roll Armchair and Footstool

Marten Claesson: Bend Chair

Marten Claesson: Rodrigo Chair

Superieur: Modern Design Relax Chair

Joe Colombo: Superleggera Lounge Chair

Julia Von Sponeck: Sponeck Modern Garden Chaise Lounge Chair

Sori Yanagi: Yanagi Shell Chair

Isamu Kenmochi: Kashiwado Modern Design Japanese Wooden Lounge Chair

Peter Keler: D 1 Red Cube Chair

Mies van der Rohe: D 42 Armchair Black

Mies van der Rohe: D 42 Armchair Natural

Eero Aarnio Childrens Tipi Chair by Adelta Furniture

VITRA 44001500: Vitra Vegetal 32" Modern Outdoor Chair by Bouroullec

Vitra Amoebe Lounge Chair by Verner Panton

De Pas, D'Urbino, Lomazzi: Joe Chair by Poltronova

Frank Gehry Multi-Color Cubes from the Heller Furniture Collection

Solair Chair Mid Century Modern Patio and Garden Chair (Set of 2)

Kids Furniture: Splash Stool for Children

Modern Lounge Furniture: ESA chaise lounge pouf by Kazuhide Takahama

Ringo Braziliana Modern Design Lounge Chair in Rattan

Karim Rashid Woopy Indoor and Outdoor Chair by B-line

Eero Aarnio: Puppy Abstract Dog Child Chair / Sculpture - Medium

Konstantin Grcic: Chair One in Black (Set of 2)

Panton Cone Chair

Verner Panton Cone Chair Stool

Panton Heart Cone Chair

Eero Aarnio: Puppy Abstract Dog Child Chair / Sculpture - Large

Dune Modern Outdoor Lounge Furniture

Eero Aarnio Focus 2 Chair in Red by Adelta - Sale

LCP lounge chair

VITRA 20137001: Vitra Butterfly 15.25" Stool in Maple by Sori Yanagi

VITRA 20137002: Vitra Butterfly Stool in Rosewood by Sori Yanagi

VITRA 21002101: Vitra Elephant 14.5" Stool by Sori Yanagi

Butterfly Pillow for Sori Yanagi Stool

Itamar Harari: Manhattan Martini Cocktail Modern Bar Stool Adjustable

Jonathan Olivares: Smith Storage / Stool

Christien Meindertsma: Flocks Pouf Stool Large

Christien Meindertsma: Flocks Pouf Stool Medium

Christien Meindertsma: Flocks Pouf Stool Small

Nicolas Le Moigne: Ecal Modern Garden Stool

Matthias Demacker: ICON Contemporary Stackable Bar Stool Design

Jasper Morrison Low Cork Stool/Table

Jasper Morrison: Tall Cork Stool/Table

Reiko Tanabe: Murai stool

Superieur: Modern Design Stool

Jasper Morrison: Cork Family Stool/Table by Vitra

Tendo Japanese Furniture: Yamanaka Group Mushroom Stool

Japanese Home Furnishings Mid-Century Modern Stool Chair Butterfly Series - Rosewood

Kristian Aus: Splash Raindrop Stool

Karim Rashid Woopy Kitchen Counter Bar Stool by B-line

Max Bill: Ulm Stool

Modern Round Wicker Ribbon Stool: Low Model

Modern Round Wicker Ribbon Stool: Tall Model

Modern Round Wicker Ribbon Stool: Nest Model

Folding Modern Step Stool Ladder in Aluminum

Jigger Stool: Polished and Hand Embossed Aluminum Seat - Side Table

Noguchi Freeform Sofa

Modern Frank Gehry Silver Patio Sofa by Heller

Studio 65: Heller Marilyn Bocca Lip Sofa

Marcel Breuer: Bauhaus Sofa table

Mario Bellini: Heller MB 2 Sofa

Osvaldo Borsani: D70 Sofa

Peter Keler: D 1 Red Cube Sofa

Modern Frank Gehry Silver Outdoor Bench by Heller

Der Bank Fiber Cement Modern Garden Bench

Naoto Fukasawa: Log Bench

Heller Vignelli Modern Long Outdoor Bench by Lella and Massimo Vignelli

Stefan Bench: Quby Bookcase Shelves by B-LINE

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