Large Ceramic Resting Cat Figurine by Vitra

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Large Ceramic Resting Cat Figurine by Vitra
Dimensions: 13.5" length x 5.75" height x 5.75" depth
Vitra Design, Germany

Add a relaxing focal point to your space with Vitra's 12-inch 'Resting Cat' figurine by Vitra. This is the large cat; also available as a small cat. Designed by Front; Resting Cat by Vitra is crafted from ceramic and comes with a glazed (glossy) finish in either white, blue or beige. The Resting Cat is an ornamental ceramic figure with a peaceful presence that goes beyond the decorative to communicate a deep sense of contentment.

Numerous works by the creative duo Front are devoted to the systematic observation of sleeping or hibernating animals. This fascination inspired their design of a group of slumbering creatures – Resting Animals – whose poses exude a serene tranquillity.

Front is a Swedish design duo formed by Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren. Their work has a strong emphasis on common discussions and explorations, and the final result often has a story to communicate. Front is also known their for surprising and experimental working methods, such as creating design with animals or machines. Front has collaborated with many well-known brands including Vitra, Tom Dixon, Kartell, Stelton and Swedese, and their work has been included in the collections of MoMA, Victoria & Albert Museum and Centre Pompidou.

Price is 1 (one) Large Resting Cat.

Dimensions: 13.5" length x 5.75" height x 5.75" depth

Material: glazed ceramic  

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