VITRA 21017300: Vitra Gueridon Bas 31.5" Round Table by Jean Prouve

VITRA 21017300: Vitra Gueridon Bas 31.5" Round Table by Jean ProuveClick to view additional images

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Jean Prouve Gueridon Bas Table Vitra
Low Round Coffee Table in Wood
Vitra, imported from Germany

The Jean Prouve Gueridon Bas table (La table Gueridon as Jean Prouve amed it) is one of the icons of French mid 20th century modern furniture design. This classic end table with its timeless modernist good looks stands as a testimony to the ingenuity of its French designer, Jean Prouve Gueridon Bas is a low slung utilitarian coffee table that appeals because of the clarity of its structure, strongly influenced by the formal language of Jean Prouve architecture. Simply put, it embodies the essence of good design. Gueridon Bas was created by Jean Prouve or the University of Paris, and was reissued by Vitra Germany from the original drawings. In the early 1940s, French architect and designer Jean Prouve increasingly turned his attention to wood. The sturdy wooden top of his stylish Gueridon Bas coffee table is positioned on three solid oak feet in reference to a tropical wood version of the time entitled "Table Africaine". This authorized re-edition is also available in a dark oak stained finish. The Vitra Gueridon Bas table is a beautiful and airy addition to any room. Made by Vitra in Europe. Jean Proue design can be found in the collections of the Vitra Design Museum, MoMA Design Collection, Design Museum, Musedes Beaux-Arts de Nancy, Victoria & Albert Museum as well as numerous public- and private collections.

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Collection: Vitra Jean Prouve collection
Category: Coffee Tables, End Tables, Round Tables
Shape: Circular Table Top
Dimensions: 13.5" Height x 31.5" Diameter
Materials Tabletop: Oak Veneer, Natural or Dark Lacquer
Materials Base: Solid Oak
Weight: 80 lbs
Style: French, Mid-century, Modern, Modernist, Transitional
Vitra Product Code: 210 173 00-33/44

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Jean Prouve> (1904 - 1984) was born in Paris and trained as a metal artisan under Emile Robert, Enghien und Szabo. In 1924 he opened his own workshop in Nancy and began to produce his first furnishings made of formed sheet steel in 1925. He was a founding member of the Union des Artistes Modernes (UAM) in 1930. In the following year he established his own manufacturing firm, Les Ateliers Jean Prouv鮠During the 1930s, the company produced numerous furniture designs, as well as some of the first prefabricated architectural elements, including components for the Maison du Peuple in Clichy (in collaboration with the architects Beaudoin and Lods), whose steel-and-glass structure attracted a great deal of attention. Due to the scarcity of steel during the Second World War, Prouv頣onstructed wood furniture and developed simple houses made out of prefabricated parts. Active in the French R鳩stance, Prouv頷as elected mayor of Nancy after the city was liberated. He designed and constructed residential buildings for the homeless. In 1947 he established the Max鶩lle factory, a facility of 25,000 square meters in which furnishings, prefabricated homes and schools were produced by 200 employees. In order to meet the increasing demand for furniture, this division came under the direction of Steph Simon as a separate division with exclusive marketing rights in 1949. Due to disagreements with the majority shareholders, Jean Prouv頬eft the company in 1953. He designed and built his own residence in 1954. After working as head of the construction office of the Compagnie Industrielle de Mat鲩el de Transport (CIMT) in Paris between 1957-68, Prouv頲an his own architectural consulting firm in Paris from 1968-84. He taught as professor at the Conservatoire des Arts et M鴩ers (CNAM) from 1957-70. As chairman of the jury for the Centre Pompidou architectural competition in 1971, he played a major role in selecting the design of Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. Between 1980-84, Prouv頡gain turned his attention to the further development of his furniture designs. He died in Nancy in 1984. In many of his works, Jean Prouv頡chieved the goal of uniting functional requirements, the honest use of materials and economical concerns with the complex demands of mass production. Beginning in 2002, in close collaboration with the Prouv頦amily, Vitra has devoted itself to the re-edition of numerous designs by this great constructeur.