Modern Stemless Cognac Glass Set/2

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Modern Stemless Cognac Glass Set of 2
Crystal Clear Cognac Glasses with Swirl Design
Glassware, Wine and Bar Collection from the Crosby Series at NOVA68

A beautiful balanced take on the traditional cognac/brandy balloon-style snifter glass (set/2) created to enjoy your best Cognacs to the fullest. Our modern stemless set of Cognac Glasses add a special experience to cognac tastings. We use them after-hours for blind tastings of R魹 Martin, Hennessy, Courvoisier and on very special occasions for Delamain Cognac. Our classic yet modern STEMLESS Cognac 2-Glass Set is stylish curved into a round shape and is made of completely transparent and lead-free crystal, which compliments the natural luster of cognac. Refreshingly devoid of an all-too common base; these stemless cognac glasses provide the perfect handhold to look, smell and swirl fine spirits of all kinds but especially cognac. It is a remarkable glass that is constructed with consideration to cognac's aroma, temperature and volume. Designed and imported from Denmark, our Cognac Glass Set provides a stylish yet practical way to enjoy your finest bottle of spirits; alone or in company. Perhaps our finest glass yet, the COGNAC stemless Glass features a special diamond-like raised center feet that gently swirls cognac at the slightest touch. Our cognac glasses are dishwasher safe but we recommend to wash them by hand to keep their luster. Price is for a set of 2 (two) presented in a stylish white cardboard box suitable for gift giving. These Cognac Glasses are a popular and stylish gift idea for any occasion.

Price is for a set of 2 (two) cognac glasses.

Material: crystal clear glass, stemless

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