Modern Liqueur Glass Set/2


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Modern Liqueur Glass Set/2
Crystal Clear Liqueur Glasses with Dimple Design
Packaged in a gift box

The Liqueur glass stands as a testament to a departure from traditional design norms, presenting itself as an exclusive vessel that seamlessly merges form and function to offer a truly pleasurable drinking experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this glass transcends the ordinary, elevating the act of sipping liqueur or cognac into an art. Designed with the essence of the beverage in mind, the glass is a masterful construction that takes into account the interplay of aroma, temperature, and volume. Its unique shape serves as a canvas, enhancing the intimate nature of the drinking ritual by emphasizing the rich hues and dynamic movements of the liquid within. Dishwasher-friendly, it balances delicacy and resilience at 3.35", 6.13 ounces. Watch it gently turn on your table, unveiling the rich aroma of your favorite liqueur—a true embodiment of pleasure and sophistication.

Price is for a set of 2 (two) cognac glasses.

Material: crystal clear glass, stemless
Volume: 5.07 fluid oz.
Size: 3.35"
Weight: 6.13 oz.

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