Akari Natural Wood Indoor Planter Pots

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Akari Natural Wood Indoor Planter Pots

Add a touch of calming greenery to your space with our perfectly balanced and highly stylish Akari natural wood indoor plant pots. Our calming all-wood planter colection shows unmistakable purist influences of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. These fine indoor planters are fashioned from white-washed kiri wood from the empress tree and can hold smaller house plants. Kiri wood is a popular choice among wood craftsmen and furniture designers since the tree is extremely fast-growing. These distinguished indoor planter pots are expertly crafted by master craftsmen. Special attention is given to the details. Each pot is carved from a single block of wood which add to their timeless appeal. These organic looking planters attractively highlight Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees, Rubber Plants, Cacti and precious succulents. Our wonderful and high quality wooden planter boxes are characterized by their simple minimalist zen-like design style and functionality. Select from various sizes and shapes. Do not place wet plant pots directly in planters. Use plastic liners matching the plant's pot. Plastic liners are sold at any garden- or harware store.

Our planters are sold as a set as described below (the only exception is the large planter which is sold per piece). Sorry; we are unable to break up our case packs.

The akari natural wood planters are selected- and hand finished by master artisans which is precisely the reason we like them. Each planter is a "one off" unique piece, with wood as supplied by nature. Please note that due to this peculiar uniqueness, customer must be able to accept understandable variations in color, shape, patterns, grain as well as minor imperfections that are normal for this type of wood.

Pictured with our "Babylon Round Galvanized Metal Wall Pocket Planter" collection; sold separately. Dimensions:
Small (Sold as a set of 3): 6.75" square x 9" height
Large (Sold as a single Piece): 12" square x 16" height

Material: natural untreated kiri wood


Usually ships in 4-6 business days.