TAMANOHADA Welcome Soap 'Fish Soap'

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TAMANOHADA Welcome Soap 'Fish Soap'
Made and imported from Japan

Special: $49.99 instead of $60.00

This fun and joyful luck and good fortune soap-on-a-rope from Japan will delight the senses with its scent of refreshing Lily (white), Pomegranate (Red) or Brown Sugar (Black). The Welcome Soap is fashioned after the Tai fish (Red Snapper) which is a symbol of great prosperity and wealth in Japan. It is often used sybolically for celebrations such as a housewarming gift, wedding gifts, birthdays and New Years. It's ample lather moisturizes and smooths the skin and it looks strikingly beautiful in the bathroom or shower.

In Japan almost every occasion calls for a gift and gift-giving is a practice encountered everyday. For this reason, Japan is a wonderful source of inspiration for your next token of appreciation or celebration. This Welcome Soap is not so much a soap in the shape of a fish, but a soap in a shape of a cake that is in a shape of a fish. This cake is called "Taiyaki", a pancake-like shell filled with sweetened azuki beans. It is as common as donuts in Japan, often sold in stalls at festivals. It is therefore associated with celebration. The Welcome Soap comes in pomegranate (red) , brown sugar (black) and lily (white). Made by the Tamanohada Soap Co., one of the oldest soap manufacturers in Japan, established in 1892. Exclusive through NOVA68.com. Made and imported from Japan.

10.9 oz / 310 gram
Oversized Soap Bar
Rope is made from natural linen
Made in Japan