Venezia Star-Shape Glass Votive Candle Holder Taper/Tealight

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Venezia Star-Shape Glass Votive Candle Holder: Taper or Tealight Design

Infuse a fascinating holiday glow on your Christmas table with our Venezia Star-Shaped 1/16" Antiqued Glass & Brass Candle Holders that hold either Taper Stick Candlers or Tealight Votives (Size ranges from 5" to 7.5" h. Handcrafted from Venetian style antiqued mirrored panels and framed with vintage looking frames; these luminous vessels provide a festve and high-quality accent. Votive candles require votive candle holders to maximize the length of their burn time. The Venezia votive candle holder will help pool any wax run-off and protect the flame from drafts which will allow you to get the full burn time. It is therefore highly recommended to use votive candle holders to achieve the best results. The item featured here is sold as a set of Mirrored Glass Votive Candle Holders. Display a single piece or group them together for a lovely centerpiece decor. Candles are not included. NOVA68 Exclusive.

Also available: Venezia Antiqued Glass Ornaments (search our store for more details).

Taper Holder Set/4: Receive 2 of each size: 6" and 8" diameter (1 in stock)

Item model number: star-shaped-candle-holders
Category Code: 596
Product Category: seasonal & holiday decorations
Product Type: candle holders
Design Year: 2017
Model Year: current
Size: 5/7/7.5 in
Item Weight: 3.65 lbs
Shipping Weight: 4.85 lbs
Used For: holiday decorations
Material: antiqued mirror glass
Color: brass
Color Map: gold
Pattern: reflective
Finish: glossy
Shape: star
Style Name: traditional
Condition: new
Brand Name: nova68
Product Name: Venezia Star-Shape Glass Votive Candle Holder
Package Quantity: 4
Availability: in stock

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