360-degree Sound Diffuse Room Divider Office Partition Panel

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360-Degree Sound Diffusing Room Divider Office Partition Panel

Create modern office cubicle partitions with our modern 360-Degree Free-Standing (67" height) Room Divider and Office Partition System with Natural Sound Diffusing Qualities (1-Panel). Easily divide space and control acoustics in any space with these brilliant according-style screens which have natural accoustical properties. Folding room and office partitions provide two functions at work. They provide employees with personal space and keep workers apart so they focus on tasks. Our cartoons dividers can be used primarily for office privacy but they can also help with reducing noise levels by deflecting sound waves. Dividers can also be used for providing an decorative privacy screen at the home office or between blurred living- and bedroom environments. Our dividers are crafted from a special mixture of corrugated paper and pure cellulose fibers which makes them light enough to be moved around accross a room eliminating the need for wheels. Upper and lower edges feature matte black technopolymer and brushed cast aluminum stiffening components for added stability.

Please note that sound reduction will vary per application depending on the size of the space, how many dividers are used and if other examples of sound absorbing materials are present. In general; the more empty a space is (open office spaces); the more sound reflection issues you will have. Hence the need for adding additional soft sound diffusing materials throughout your space. This may include adding furniture, rugs, curtains, plants etc. Price is for 1 (one) divider. Select from either natural light brown, white or blue.

Dimensions: 67" height x 16" min - 158" max total length


Usually ships in 8-10 weeks or sooner.