Tree Ornaments: Mid-Century Modern 3inch 'Space Robots' Ornament Set/4

Tree Ornaments: Mid-Century Modern 3inch 'Space Robots' Ornament Set/4Click to view additional images

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Mid-Century Modern 'Retro Space Robots' Tree Ornament Set
Miniature Hand Blown Glass Robot Christmas Ornaments
Price is for the set of 4 (four) as pictured

Special: $49.99 instead of $58.00

Our vintage retro-style miniature 3" Space Robot Christmas Ornaments were inspired by the golden days of 1950s space exploration and the early 1950s Sci-Fi Movies. Our beautiful Mid-Century Modern 'Retro Space Robot' Tree Ornament set is simply irresistible and reflects the space-age optimism of the 1950s. This set of 4 uniquely modern tree ornaments recall the 1950s space exploration period. All ornaments are highly detailed and are made in beautiful colors. Intricately detailed for plenty of personality, each miniature-sized robot tree ornament is truly one of a kind. Our beautiful ornaments are expertly crafted from mouth-blown glass, then hand painted and given a glittery finish. This out of this world tree ornament set will be expertly packaged to ensure safe (intergalactic) travels. This Space Age Ornament will not only be the most beautiful and unique on your tree this season, it also makes for a great gift. Price is for the set of 4 (four) ornaments as pictured. Small yet exquisite, each robot is about 3 inches tall.

Dimensions of each robot (each on average): 3" height each.

Materials: glass.

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