k2 Finger Ring Display Stand Jewelry Display in White Marble

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Product Details

k2 Creative Ring Shop Display Riser Stands in White Marble - Price is for a Set/2

2-piece Set Marble Display Risers for Rings - White marble finger ring showcase stand jewelry organizer and display stand - attract customers with our elegant (conical shape) k2 ring risers (2.5" and 3.25" height) - crafted from solid marble (not the omnipresent cheap black velvet) - makes your wonderful rings and other jewelry pieces stand out and look attractive. Small yet utterly efficient and luxurious! This unique white marble ring holder combo provides an efficient way to display and sell rings in a shop display case or counter top. This unique ring display's name was inspired by the snow-capped k2 mountain ranges of the Himalayas. Each of these elegant ring risers is crafted entirely by hand from solid marble which lends any boutique a unique touch. They also look stunning on makeup vanities. Price is for a set of two - exactly as pictured; receive 1 (one) each of two sizes: 1" dia x 2.5" and 1" dia x 3.25 height. Rings are not included.

The luxurious qualities of real solid marble showcases your rings beautifully and presents a refreshing alternative to cheaper black velvet ring stands. Please note however that unlike cheaper displays, our k2 Ring Risers are hand crafted by master artisans from real solid marble which is precisely the reason we like them. Each stand is a "one off" unique piece with marble as supplied by mother nature and finished entirely by hand. Please note that due to this peculiar uniqueness, customer must be able to accept understandable variations in color, patterns, grain as well as minor imperfections that are normal for this type of hand-made objects.

Dimensions Small: 1" dia x 2.5"
Dimensions Large: 1" dia x 3.25 height.

Material: white marble.

Usually ships in 2-6 business days.