Holmegaard Perfection 30.50 oz Sommelier Large Red Wine Glass Set/6

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Product Details

Holmegaard Perfection Sommelier Red Wine Glass Set
Capacity: 30.50 oz (90cl)
Price is for a complete set of 6 (six) pieces
Made by Holmegaard Glassworks, Denmark.

Great news for great wines: the Perfection Sommelier glass has arrived!  This extra large red wine glass is a wine connoisseur's dream come true!  These oversized sommelier wine glasses are perfect for tastings of full-bodied wines.

Perfection is Holmegaard's glass series for the wine enthusiast and the professional sommelier, and with the introduction of this exceptional sommelier glass, the Perfection series again finds its inspiration in the latest wine trends. Today's wines are generally more full-bodied with a stronger bouquet than wines produced ten years ago. Thus new times call for new glasses, and it is with today’s "great, full-bodied" wines in mind that Holmegaard now introduces a new glass in the award-winning Perfection series. The very large Perfection sommelier wine glasses (30.50 ounces) are exclusively vailable from NOVA68.

Perfection Sommelier Red Wine Glass: 30.50 oz (90cl)

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