Naef Bauhaus Optischer Farbmischer Spinning Top

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Naef Bauhaus Optischer Farbmischer Spinning Top Toy
Deluxe wooden Naef toy, made in Switzerland.
Presented in a white cardboard gift box.

This Bauhaus Optischer Farbmischer (also known as the Optical Color Mixer) is one of the most beautiful creations from the Bauhaus. The Bauhaus Optischer Farbmischer was designed by German/Austrian artist Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack in 1924. This color-mixer spinning top includes 7 interchangeable discs. Spin this top around and the colors blend together and create an optical color perception for the beholder. Truth to be said that this is a rather heavy top so this is mostly for adult collectors. Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack was the creater of "Farblichtmusiken" (colored-light-music), a light and color modulator which provided a visual translation of music.

This Optischer Farbmischer is an original model designed by Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack during his years at the Bauhaus! Naef is the authorized manufacturer and produces these Bauhaus toys according to their original designs. The first production of this toy started in 1977. The "Bauhaus Optischer Farbmischer" shows us how the rotation of a top brings about a color blend. Varying aspects of color theory are deomonstrated on the reverse of the inter-changeable color discs. Bauhaus Bauspiel, the legendary toy designed by Bauhaus apprentice Alma Siedhoff-Buscher in 1923. Bauhaus was the most influential school of avante-garde design, art and architecture of the 20th century. The Bauhaus was a vibrant creative force and produced some of the most renown modern architects of the 20th century including Walter Gropius (Bauhaus founder), Hannes Meyer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Not for children under 3 years old.

Material: wood & cardboard
Size: 3.94" diameter.

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