I Volti Quattro Modernist Face Silhouette Silkscreen Poster

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I Volti Quattro Modernist Face Silhouette Silkscreen
Danese Milano, Italy

Danese's 'I Volti Quattro' is a modernist silkscreen with a face silhouette; the unsigned edition with face in dark grey and yellow dot with the signed edition with an Yves-Klein like blue and green dot). These striking modern posters were designed by the Italian sculptor, painter and muralist Mimmo Paladino as a tribute to Bruno Munari.

I volti, quattro is a limited edition three-colour silkscreen print. The series of prints entitled “I Volti” is inspired by the video “Giocosa Mente”, “a work for moving images” created by Paladino as a tribute Bruno Munari for the 100th anniversary of his birth. With simple, bright coloured marks and lively shapes that express both energy and emotion this print emits that sense of playful creativity that was typical of Munari’s work.

LIMITED EDITION: 3 colors screenprint, handmade paper Hahnemuhle 300 g/mq, run 200 pieces

LIMITED AND SIGNED EDITION: 3 colors screenprint + collage, handmade paper Arches 640 g/mq, run 50 pieces

Material: silkscreen
Dimensions: 27.56" x 19.69" (70x50cm)

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