Andre Cazenave: Luminous Moon Rock Lamps

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Andre Cazenave: Luminous Stones Ambient Rock Lights
Andre Cazenave Design, France.

Andre Cazenave Luminous Stones Ambient Rock Lights.
These are such great natural looking lamps! Andre Cazenave's luminious stones are beautiful and original ambient design classics from the 1960's. Andre Cazenave's designed these beautiful light sculptures in 1969. Each luminous stone is crafted and finished by hand to make it appear like a real stone as found in nature! The only difference is that this stone emits a wonderful soft ambient light. The internal light transforms these beautiful rock sculptures into ambient lamps. Both decorative and practical, beautiful and modern, Andr頃azenave's luminous stone lamps give any space a naturally warm atmosphere. These modern lamps are beautiful when lit and very relaxing to look at, even when not lit. Just imagine the sound of a waterfall in the background and a tranquil setting. A great way to create your own little oasis or sanctuary away from it all.

These wonderful and peaceful lamps have a calming effect with their natural organic shape. They are perfect for a relaxed, yet refined atmosphere. These luminous stones can be applied as a decorative interior lighting component. These luminous moon rock lighting stones look great with different sized clustered together in the corner of a bedroom or living room, or on a mantle, credenza, cabinet or table top. They really look amazing when they light up at night.

The Andr頃azenave Luminous Stone lamps are hand cast from fiberglass and coated with a multitude of fine stone imprints. The surface of each Luminous Stone lamp is pretty much unique since it is hand finished, customer must therefore accept understandable variations in finish and shape inherent to handmade products.

Price is for one (1) lamp. Available in different sized shapes from small all the way to large (each size is priced accordingly). For indoor use only. Each luminous stone uses one light bulb (light bulb is included). Each lamp has an 8 feet electrical cord with online rotary on/off switch.

Size Options:
Small: 7.00" (18cm) x 6.50" (16.5cm) x 5.00" (13cm)
Large: 17.00" (43cm) x 15.00" (38cm) x 13.00" (33cm) (+$200.00)

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