Kay Bojesen wooden zebra small from Kay Bojesen Denmark by Kay Bojesen

Kay Bojesen wooden zebra small from Kay Bojesen Denmark by Kay BojesenClick to view additional images

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Kay Bojesen: Wooden Zebra with White/Black Striped Design
Rosendahl, Denmark.

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Bojesen Zebra - Kay Bojesen - Rosendahl. The Kay Bojesen Zebra is made by Rosendahl in Denmark. Bojesens's sculptural Zebra; a figure of a striped wooden Zebra — evidently one of Kay Bojesen's most prized objects of mid-century Danish wood craft — has withstood the test of time. Based on the original artefact that used to live in Bojesen's house, Rosendahl has manufactured the Kay Bojesen Zebra according to the exact specifications of the original. Kay Bojesen, one of the most enthusiastic leaders of 20th-century Danish design, created this modern Zebra as part of his animals series which include the monkey, elephant and bear. Discover the retro, vintage and mid-century wooden toy collection by the legendary Danish designer at Stardust.com. Each Zebra comes gift boxed in a white cardboard box.

Kay Bojesen designed the wooden Zebra in the 1950s for Rosendahl. It is made in Denmark from lacquered beech in white with black stripes. The Bojesen Zebra is a genuine piece of modern Danish design made with superior craftsmanship.

Material: lacquered beech wood.

Size: ca. 5.91" x 5.51" x 4".

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Kay Bojesen: "Even though an old proverb says ’too much special knowledge makes you stupid’ I, as a craftsman, must say that having gone through an apprenticeship in the field of applied art, gives me certain advantages in the difficult art of design, as compared to those who partly or completely work from theoretical knowledge.” Kay Bojesen was a silversmith, but through his wooden figures he became known as one of Danish applied art's great pioneers. His Grand Prix cutlery received its name when it won first prize in Milan in 1951.

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