YOLO Holiday Dog Hipster Friends Tree Ornaments (Set/10)

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SET/10 YOLO Holiday Hipster Dog Friends, Tree Ornaments
Wooly Dogs are made by hand from felt - Receive 1 of each style

Get ready for a crash-course in Hipster word language with our 5-3/4-6" Ruff-ruff 10-PC YOLO Holiday Hipster Dog Friends Tree Ornaments - complete w/Hipster Haircuts and Outfits. We weren't sure what to give our hipster friends as gifts this Christmas Season so we came up with these epic Holiday Dog Hipster Friends Tree Ornaments (Set/10). Meet and exceed the expectations of the friend- and family hipsters this holiday season by giving them a tree decorating gift that incorporates every thing lolling hipsters love. These stellar dog-themed ornaments, complete with hip glasses in their grill, colorful clothing and cool hats rank high on any hipster gift guide and will make your tree or holiday decor look 100% amazeballs'! Get ready to chillax, homes and remember, YOLO.

Material: felted wool in various colors.

Dimensions each ornament: 5-3/4 to 6" H.


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