Flensted Bauhaus Abstract Modern Ceiling Mobile 428

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Flensted Bauhaus Mobile
Flensted, Denmark.

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New in gift box ceiling mobile, made by Flensted in Denmark, Europe. Flensted Bauhaus Abstract Modern Ceiling Mobile 428. In co-operation with the Bauhaus Museum Flensted has created the new Bauhaus mobile.

Primary shapes and colours are present: circle, square and triangle � the Bauhaus code. According to Kandinsky, the circle expressed the highest tension and elasticity, a characteristic which he linked with blue, which emits the most intense level of cold. The square, like red, radiates complete tranquillity and has the effect of a cool warmth. The triangle instead represents a tranquil aspiration from the terrestrial to the heavenly. Like yellow, it emanates a powerful force and the greatest warmth. These principles have been used by Ole Flensted in designing this mobile.

The suspended lightness of a mobile is particularly appropriate for appreciating the psychological effects of shapes and colours. By juxtaposing the three components in different combinations, the Bauhaus enthusiast and the mobile collector can experience a variety of effect and themselves take part in Kandinsky�s research on the phenomenon of colour! Kandinsky made a research among his students in 1923 they were to match the primary shapes to primary colours and they produced the same results.

Material: plastic, wire.
Size: 12" x 26"

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