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FJ Clock: Wood Wall Clock by Finn Juhl
Architect Made, Denmark

Finn Juhl Teak-Wood Round Clock by Architectmade. This FJ clock really brightens up any home decor with its lovely details and quality construction! It's a highly decorative wall timepiece whether used at home or the office. Our FJ (Finn Juhl) clocks are sturdy, well made, and the warm wood finish is conducive to any style of interior so it always fits in. As featured in the "United Nations" building, this Danish icon was created in 1950 and is still in use today. This creation, limited to 1000 units, captures the essence of the Juhl's (Denmark, 1912-1989) design aesthetic. The circular shape complements the natural qualities of the teak wood and the numberless aluminum dial captures his flair for clever minimalism. Branding, designer's name signature and year of production are engraved at the reverse.

Size: 13.75" diameter.
Material: teak and aluminum.

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