Hans Bolling Danish Wood Strit Figurine by ArchitectMade

Hans Bolling Danish Wood Strit Figurine by ArchitectMadeClick to view additional images

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Hans Bolling: Strit
ArchitectMade, Denmark.

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Hans Bolling Strit by ArchitectMade. A beloved Danish design toy returns: the Hans Bolling Strit Figurine by ArchitectMade designed in 1953. Think of Denmark and you think of design, Little wonder, then, that Danish architect and designer Hans Bolling chose this whimsical toy as the subject for one of his delightful wooden sculptures. Hand carved from teak and beech wood, Strit is abstract yet distinctly fun. His head moves, as do his arms and legs, so he's always new and unique. This classic Hans Bolloing Strit wooden figurine comes packaged in a gift box. A beautiful display piece, lovingly brought back to us by ArchitectMade.

Material: Teak and Beech Wood.

Size: 5" h x 4.25" w.

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