Trailer Trash Santa Glass Ornament

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Trailer Trash Santa Glass Ornament
Hand Decorated Glass Ornaments with Glitter Accents

NOVA68 Christmas And Holiday Decoration Collection

Introducing our Quaint Trailer Santa Ornament – a whimsical creation that captures the spirit of the holiday season in a charming, unconventional way. This ornament, despite its unconventional name, is far from offensive; in fact, it exudes undeniable cuteness and holiday cheer.

Picture this: a tiny, adorable trailer intricately adorned with ball garlands, wrapping around it like colorful ribbons of joy. Inside, a curious reindeer playfully peeks out from the window, its eyes wide with excitement. At the door stands Santa Claus, dressed not in his traditional red suit, but in off-business attire, adding a touch of whimsy to his appearance. Hang this Quaint Trailer Santa Ornament on your tree, and it's bound to become a conversation starter, spreading joy and laughter among all who behold it. Its unique design and infectious charm make it a standout addition to any holiday decoration collection, proving that the holiday spirit knows no bounds, even in the coziest of trailers.

Each ornament measures 4.5 inches in length, 3 inches in height, and 2.5 inches in width

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