Stones Outdoor Lamp : Luminous Rock Lighting by Oluce


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Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli: Stone of glass Indoor Lighting
O-Luce, Italy.

This is the outdoor version made of Nylon/Polyethylene

Direct descendants of the Stone of Glass collection by Laudani & Romanelli, these outdoor lamps draw inspiration from the organic shapes found in nature. Crafted to resemble luminous stones, they exude a captivating charm that effortlessly enhances the ambiance of any environment. The Stones outdoor lamps offer versatility in placement. Whether positioned individually to accent specific features or grouped together to create a mesmerizing focal point, they seamlessly integrate into the natural landscape of a garden or the cozy setting of a summer terrace. With their soft, diffuse light, these lamps cast an enchanting glow, infusing your outdoor space with a serene and inviting atmosphere. Experience the magic of the outdoors illuminated by the timeless elegance of the Stones Outdoor Lamp by Oluce.

Material: Nylon/Polyethylene
Light Source: 1 x max 12 W (E27) Fluo - not included
Must be hardwired. No cable & socket.
Size: 10.6" W x 7" D x 5.9" H

Usually ships in 1-2 business days. 3 lamps available at the sale price