Pygmy Owl Ornament

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Pygmy Owl Ornament
Classic Hand-Crafted Christmas Ornament in Blown Glass with Hand Decorations

They make the BEST Christmas Gift ever; everyone loves these!

The clip-on Pygmy Owl Ornament, measuring 2.25" X 3.25" x 2", beautifully captures the essence of the Northern Pygmy Owl. Depicting the owl with a serious and thoughtful demeanor, this meticulously crafted piece symbolizes the wisdom traditionally associated with these birds. The ornament's intricate details convey the owl's ability to see in the dark, representing the capacity to navigate through life's complexities and dispel the darkness of ignorance. Despite its small size, the Northern Pygmy Owl is known for its fierce nature, a characteristic skillfully portrayed in this ornament. The lifelike pose and intricate detailing emphasize the owl's strength, highlighting its ability to confront prey or ward off intruders several times its own size. This Pygmy Owl Ornament is not just a visual delight but also a symbolic representation of intelligence, resilience, and the unwavering spirit of these remarkable creatures.

Size: 2.25" H X 3.25" L X 2" W

Material: hand blown glass with hand-painted and glittered color accents

Price is for one owl

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