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Jasper Morrison: Cork Family Stool/Table (1 piece)
Vitra Design Museum

Jasper Morrison: Cork Family Stool/Table by Vitra. The three robust members of the Cork Family stand firmly, making them suited for use as side tables or stools. They benefit from the advantageous natural properties of cork: comparatively lightweight and enormously durable, they also have a velvety surface that is pleasant to touch. The Cork Family of tables can double as stools. Light and velvety to the touch, each is shaped from a massive piece of pressed cork granulate. Created by Jasper Morrison, the London-based design veteran known for his ultrasimple, archetypal forms.

The price is for one piece.
Choose between three available models as pictured.

Technical Description:
Pressed cork granulate.

Size: 13" height x 12.20" (each).

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