Lemnos Draw Dome Clock


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Lemnos Draw Dome Clock
Made and imported from Japan

IIntroducing the Draw Dome Clock, a stunning creation by Kazuya Koike for Lemnos, now available in two sophisticated colors. With dimensions of φ12.6 x d2.2 inches and a weight of 2 lbs., this sleek timepiece is meticulously crafted from ABS and glass, ensuring both durability and refined style. Featuring a sweep second hand and inclusive battery, it's ready to adorn your space effortlessly.

The Draw Dome Clock boasts a unique number font, creating a striking yet understated visual impact. Its dome-shaped glass adds a touch of mid-century modern charm, seamlessly blending with contemporary decor and elevating your living space with its modish appeal.

Add a timeless touch to any room with this exquisite clock.

Materials: ABS, Glass
Movement: Sweep second
Dimensions: 12.6" diameter x 2"d
Weight: 2 lbs.

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