Lexon LA 50 Plug In FM Radio in Grey

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Lexon LA 50 Plug In FM Radio in Grey
Lexon Design, imported from France.

Lexon LA 50 Plug In FM Radio in Grey (pictured on the right). Rare out-of-production old stock find. This model has been out of production for at least 10 years. We were lucky enough to discover 1 piece in our warehouse. Only 1 available in grey. The original box is a little bit beaten up but contents are still factory brand new. So small and cute, and really quite an effective design. Well done, Misters M. Luck, M. Barandard and C. Fuchs. The LA50 FM Radio was the winner of the discovery prize at NOW design in 2001 and at APCI in 2001. This FM radio functions with neither batteries nor wires! Plug this radio into an electrical outlet to charge and 10 hours of charging will yield over 10 hours of operation. This radio features a fold out round antenna and adjusting wheels for volume and tuning on the sides. This model is made by the process of plastic casing".

Lexon, founded in Paris in 1990, reflects a commitment to the highest level of functional design, represented in a Collection of unique consumer products that include accessories for the office, travel, sports, home, and for personal use. The emphasis is on design, quality, and value.

FM Radio
Size: 4" x 4" x 1.4"

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