Matthias Demacker: Easy Wall Mountable Wall Storage Shelving

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Product Details

Matthias Demacker: Easy Storage Wall Mountable
B-Line, Italy.

Having the right storage can save you a lot of time and money.
But a modern practical storage unit is suprisingly difficult to find.
Easy storage is the long awaited answer to all your storage needs!

Easy Storage is a flexible, lightweight filing system composed of a varnished steel back panel and removable frosted Plexiglas trays. Once the back panel has been installed at the desired height, the shelves are connected by simply hooking them on. Easy Storage is a new way of storing objects in the home and office: just one simple movement and the shelves become trays ideal for carrying things in. Easy Storage also provides convenient support for electronic devices: cables are concealed inside the back panel.

Size: 20" width x 13.50" depth x 43.50" height

Only one unit in the White panel with Strawberry shelves in stock.