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Mariona Raventos & Jordi Miralbell: Disco Saucer Lamp
Santa & Cole, Spain, imported from Europe.

A disc of moulded steel which hides the source of light, giving off a glow around its opaque circle. The light bounces off the wall to create a halo around the metal disc, similar to the luminescence given off by heavenly bodies during an eclipse.

Jordi Miralbell and Mariona Raventos speak a language of formal simplification, they experiment with the functionalism of objects and material to take on the adventure of design. From this adventure has come the series of Disco metal wall lights in three different sizes. If you combine them, Discos become objects which create pictorial or musical compositions; they don't just mark light but also rhythm.

In the Disco wall/ceiling lamp the light comes from the opposite side of what is usual, making the invisible visible. It embodies the expression of a geometric point. The Disco is a symbol we understand by what it hides and what it projects around itself.

The shape of the Disco determines the quality of its light. All power is generated from its core, giving off a luminous energy which is completely devoid of tension and produces a feeling of serenity. Hammered aluminium is combined with the energy of light in a handcrafted process which involves placing a sheet of steel in a concave mould and shaping it on a lathe.

The metal shade is welded to three small feet which hold the lamp away from the wall. A set of tubes in the interior holds the light bulb. The far end of one of the tubes finishes in a flat circle which is attached flush to the wall.

Material: Metal.
Bulb: 60W

Size Options:
Medium: 9.4" diameter, 5.1" from wall/ceiling
Large: 14.2" diameter, 5.5" from wall/ceiling (+$185.00)

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