6' Colorful Tindrl Rainbow Garland

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6' Colorful Tindrl Rainbow Garland
Modern Christmas and Holiday Decorations

The 6' Colorful Tindrl Rainbow Garland is a vibrant and eye-catching holiday decoration that measures 6 feet in length. It is designed to add a modern and festive touch to your home during the Christmas season. The garland is adorned with a total of 32 multi-colored balls, each measuring 1.50 inches in diameter. These colorful balls are arranged, creating a visually appealing pattern. In addition to the multi-colored balls, the garland features blue beads interspersed throughout its length, adding depth and contrast to the overall design. Furthermore, the garland incorporates a touch of elegance with champagne-colored tinsel accents, which are strategically placed after every 3 balls. These champagne-colored accents add a touch of sophistication and shimmer to the garland, making it even more visually appealing. This versatile 6' Christmas garland can be hung on mantels, doorways, or trees, instantly enhancing your space with its vibrant colors, blue beads, and champagne tinsel accents. Its modern design spreads holiday cheer wherever it's displayed.

Category Code: CD-1606
Product Category: Seasonal & Holiday Decorations
Product Type: Christmas Garlands
Design Year: current
Size: 72 in
Item Weight: 14 oz.
Used For: decorating entry, door, mantel or tree
Material: Glass, plastic beads, tinsel
Color: multicolor
Style Name: festive
Condition: new
Package Quantity: 1

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