Magis Cu-Clock by Naoto Fukusawa


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Cu-Clock by Naoto Fukusawa - Orange
Magis, Italy

Introducing the Cu-Clock by Naoto Fukasawa: a modern twist on the timeless charm of the classic cuckoo clock. Inspired by the ornate elegance of traditional cuckoo clocks, this wall clock brings a playful and contemporary flair to any space.

For those moments when silence is preferred, simply toggle the switch at the back to turn off the sound and motion, allowing you to enjoy the clock's aesthetic beauty without interruption.

Naoto Fukasawa's design reinvents the traditional cuckoo clock, distilling its essence into a sleek and minimalist form, crafted from injection-moulded ABS for durability and style.
Measuring 9 inches in width, 11.2 inches in height, and 3.5 inches in depth, this battery-powered clock seamlessly integrates into any environment, adding a dash of humor and surprise to your decor.

Elevate your space with the Cu-Clock—a modern interpretation of a beloved classic, combining timeless charm with contemporary design.

Materia: standard injection-moulded ABS.

Size: 9"W x 3.5" D x 11.2" H

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