Mies van der Rohe MR 90 Barcelona Vitra Miniature Chair

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Vitra Miniature: Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair

Vitra Miniature Chair, new in wooden collectors box with brochure.

Vitra Miniature MR 90 Barcelona Chair by Mies van der Rohe. This is a mini scale model of the MR 90, Barcelona Chair, a Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Designed in 1929. In production from 1929 - 30. Originally manufactured by Berliner Metallgewerbe Josef Muller/Bamberg, this new miniature reproduction is manufactured by the Vitra Design Museum. This amazing and highly detailed miniature with brown leather upholstery is an exact copy of the original large version! The miniature comes with a small brochure which provides art-historical information on the background to the design, biography of the designer, and the production history of the respective chair.

Size: 4.92" x 5" x 5.04".
Material: leather, metal.

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An interesting story on the Barcelona chair:

I can still remember many nights spent sleeping on those chairs during Final Critique weeks at the Institute of Design. We students would butt two of them together to form cozy cots for our short naps in the wee hours.� Thankfully, Mies himself never arrived to catch us napping in the rearranged furniture ... But in fear of ever being caught, we learned to neatly replace the chairs into their perfectly gridded positions each morning. By my senior year, Mies had retired from teaching and suddenly the staff was more open about sharing personal stories of the great man. I think the turning point for me came when my respected Workshop instructor confided that Mies's personal home furnishings were big overstuffed, comfy pieces - as far from the stark lines of his designs as possible.�� Nowadays, it's that image of a comfortable man that I hold in my heart. I now think that if MIes ever did catch us students sleeping on his chairs, he'd have offered a soft blanket and a cushy pillow. In any case, that mini Barcelona chair...will provide a sweet reminder of Mies and my happy years spent at the Institute of Design.

Barbara J.