Wood Owl Sculpture by Paul Anker Hansen for Architectmade

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Wood Owl Sculpture by Paul Anker Hansen for Architectmade

Wood Owl (4.7" or 6.7") Statue by Paul Anker Hansen for Architectmade: simple, elegant and timeless handmade wooden owl sculptures, statues and figurines are created by Danish modern designer Paul Anker Hansen in 1960. Inspired by the organic-shapes of Danish crafts and toys such as the monkey, our beautiful wooden owls provide elegance and lively fun in the home. Characterized by peculiar and curious traits; these wise creatures are fashioned from natural hand-crafted oak with either natural or smoked finishes. Architectmade's Owls feature mobile heads that you can rotate to reveal infinite new expressions. If you are looking for a classic wooden toys that have soul and an unique sense of humour, these owls personify intuition, transition and wisdom.

Dimensions Small Owl: 4.7" x 2.6" dia
Dimensions Large Owl: 6.7" x 3.5" dia

Collection: Architectmade
Product Code: 460
Material: Wood
Weight: 0.6/0.9 lbs.
Color: Natural/Smoked
Style: Modern
Design Date: 1960
Shape: Curved
Finish: Untreated or Smoked
Use: Home Decor
Product Category: Wooden Sculptures


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