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Dorothee Becker: Utensilo Wall Organizer Large
Vitra, Germany.

Vitra Uten.Silo 1 Large: 34.5" Handy Storage Wall Organizer 20129001. Uten.Silo Large Wall Organizer by Vitra; Wall Organization System. Uten.Silo large: Vitra wall storage/organizer designed by Dorothee Becker and made by Vitra Design in Europe. If a cluttered workspace drives you up the wall, you will absolutely love the Utensilo Wall Organizer. Now you can use your empty wall as a storage space! The Utensilo is a super functional wall-mounted storage tool and organizing solution for your home office, business, kitchen, garage, classroom and other places where space is at a premium. The Utensilo wall organizer eliminates clutter and helps you keep tabs on your most essential items. It features a big hold-it-all clip for envelopes, cards or photographs. It also has four hang-it-all hooks which can be used for keys, rubber bands, etc. And it has 22 convenient storage compartments which are perfect to organize pens, cards, notes, scissors, brushes, etc. It neatly stores any of your desktop necessities in a clean and organized modern way.

The Utensilo wall organizer is a highly functional storage solution and icon of mid century modern design. An organizer that you will use every day! Use it in your office, living room, kitchen or garage...and everyone will know you are a real cool cat! By far the coolest organizing tool that we have ever seen. The Utensilo wall organizer easily attaches to a wall with four screws.

In the late 1960s, German-born Dorothee Becker was pondering a childhood memory of a multi-pocketed fabric storage system that had hung in her father's shop. She was inspired to create Utensilo, practical, versatile and easy to mass-produce in durable plastic. The prototype was presented at the Frankfurt Fair in 1969, and Dorothee's husband, designer Ingo Maurer, invested 250,000DM ($200,000) to get production underway for the Utensilo. It was initially a huge hit, but fell out of production when the 1974 oil crisis knocked our confidence in plastics. In 2002, however, the Vitra Design Museum reissued both sizes, so we can once again enjoy Dorothee Becker's perfectly formed petit-pocket storage system

Material: ABS plastic, metal hooks.

Dimensions: 26.50" width x 34.5" height x 2.6" depth

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