Foxy Friends Party Christmas Tree Ornaments Set of 4

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Foxy Friends Party Christmas Tree Ornaments Set of 4
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Bring on the party with our foxy friends! Our foxy fellows will brighten up any tree with their cheerful outfits and mischievous looks! These adorable fox ornaments are dressed to the nines in classy outfits and come complete with unique accents such as knitted sweaters, scarfs, hats and buttons. Adorable eyes peer from the cute faces of these adorable foxes. Each of them, cute as a button, is showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way. These beautiful and highly decorative ornaments are meticulously crafted from sisal by master artisans. Each fox ornament is fitted a jute twine monofilament loop, making it easy to hang these wonderful ornaments on your Christmas tree. Decorating your Christmas tree is one of the most beautiful holiday traditions. It is a unique opportunity to bring the family together and create memories that will last a life time. Our mischievous foxy fellows, with their adorable looks, will look right at home in any interior. A nice set of heirloom quality ornaments sure to be enjoyed for many years to come. Our funny fox ornaments will bring much delight to young and old.

Price is for the set of 4 (Four) fox ornaments as pictured.

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Material: sisal, wool.

Dimensions of each fox: 4 1/2"h x 2" w

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