Swan Wood Figurine by Normann Copenhagen in White/Black/Natural

Swan Wood Figurine by Normann Copenhagen in White/Black/NaturalClick to view additional images

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Swan Wood Figurine in White/Black/Natural
Normann Copenhagen, Denmark.

This wooden Swan sculpture, designed by Everything Elevated, is a beloved classic of Danish design. This elegant Swan is made of oak wood and it measures 4.5 inches in height. These white, black or natural Swans have a timeless elegance. Just like a pictogram, it comes across with a distinct, almost nonchalant posture. It has a rounded plump body and a long straight neck with distinctive edges – all made of solid oak. With neither a feminine nor masculine expression, Swan looks distinguished scouting out in the room.

Normann Copenhagen's Swan is a part of the wooden animal collection designed by Everything Elevated. The effects of beauty have been found to run surprisingly deep. Beauty can move us, create affection and stir up our emotions. Knowing this, it is no wonder that we love to surround ourselves with beautiful things that can offer us joy on a daily basis. With its clean lines and sculptural shape, this wooden Swan will add character and personality to any modern interior.

Place Swan on the bedside table as a warm-hearted friend. Allow it to welcome your guests in the hallway placed on a shelf or dresser, or let its graceful presence create cozy atmosphere in the living room. Swan is quite simply an unavoidable new collector's item.

Material: turned from solid oak.

Size: 4.5 inches height x 2.4 inches depth

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