Paolo Rizzatto: Shelves Storage Wall Shelf by Danese


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Paolo Rizzatto: Shelves Storage Wall Shelf by Danese
Danese, Italy

Shelves: designed by the Italian designer Paolo Rizzatto for Danese Milano, Italy. These shelves can be used as a shelf to organize smaller items. Turn them up or down as pictured depending on how you like it. The size is just right for the bathroom, entryway, office, etc. Wall mountable, adhesive included.

The Shelves range are flexible and modular supports, to be used together and overlapped, on which to put working instruments and personal objects. The shelves are made of satinized semitransparent ABS. The intelligent wall hookup system and the lightness of the coloured plastic respond to the need for mobility, freedom and personalisation of the workstation and accessoried walls, also in the home. The hookup system allows for positioning both with the plain surface facing upwards and reverse.

Material: Satinized semitransparent ABS.
Dimensions: 3.54" h x 23.62" w x 4.72" d.

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