Scrittura Illeggibile Bruno Munari Silkscreen Poster

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Scrittura Illeggibile Bruno Munari Silkscreen Poster for Danese Milano
Danese Milano, Italy

This Danese Milano's 'Scrittura Illeggibile' (illegible writing of an unknown people) screenprint poster is reminiscent of Japanese 'Omamori' good luck charms/amulets. Designed by the Italian artist, designer, and inventor Bruno Munari; 'Scrittura illeggibile di un popolo sconosciuto' makes for the perfect Japalian wall decor. Available as an usigned edition only.

Scrittura illeggibile bianco is a four-colour silkscreen print and is part of the collection Edizioni d’arte (Art Editions). The concept is based on the idea of observing writings with a graphic eye and, even without being able to read the meaning of the words, being able to appreciate the elements of beauty made by the marks.

Silkscreen dropjet paper gr. 300.

Material: silkscreen
Dimensions: 27.56" x 19.69" (70x50cm)

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