Schneider Joshua-Tree Quilted Bedspread by Normann Copenhagen, Queen/King Size

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Ryan Schneider 'Joshua Tree' Quilted Bedspread
Queen/King Size: 99 x 99 inches (250x250cm)

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark.

Joshua Tree-based artist Ryan Schneider designed this dreamy and richly colored queen/king-sized bedspread in his typical spiritually- even shamanic style. Conveying the mystery of both the natural and the human world that appears at Yoshua Tree near Palm Springs, Schneider's bedspread are visibly influenced by his surround landscape. The Schneider Bedspread is quilted with black stitching. The top side is printed, while the back is all black. Made of 100% cotton with polyester fiber filling. The print is placed randomly on all Schneider cushions making every cushion unique. The cushion cover is made of 100% cotton and has polyester fiber filling. Hidden zipper at the bottom. This would look stunning on a wall as well!

Whether owls in flowering trees, snakes, cactuses or other creatures, Schneider renders both the flora and the fauna of Joshua Tree. This inclusion of nature lends an almost primitive aesthetic to his art, which is juxtaposed with his technical prowess. Not merely realistically depicting landscapes or portraits, Schneider, instead, portrays a palpable spiritual or mythical essence, derived from his creative contrast of vibrant colors and deep darkened hues.

Ryan Schneider’s contribution to the Normann x Brask Art Collection is based on his piece ’Pipes Canyon Peepers’ from 2016, inspired by the dark nights and picturesque surroundings of his Joshua Tree home. This dreamy landscape, where colorful trees and owls light up in the starry night sky, unfolds in a vibrant bedspread made of cotton quilt.

Material: 100% cotton.

Size: 99 x 99 inches (250x250cm).

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