Tatino Round Ottoman Pouf Footstool Seat with Removable Stretch Cover

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Product Details

Tatino Round Ottoman Pouf Footstool Seat with Removable Stretch Fabric Cover - 19.09 x 17.12 Inches

Our flexible high-quality Italian-made Tatino Modern Round (Ball-Shape) Ottoman Footstool is the ultimate versatile/multi-purpose piece of home furniture essential for every space. Boasting a solidly built construction and ergonomic CFC-free polyurethane upholstered with elastic fabric, this footstool is great for kicking up your feet after a long day's work or when sitting down at the office, library or home. It also features a removable cover that is machine-washable and non-skid pads on the base for extra stability. Style up your space with this stylish and modern ottoman that will compliment all house-decors. Use it to add more seating to your living room and bedroom. Footstools are built compact for convenient storing when not in use. Measures 19.09" width x 17.12" height. We only list a few of the most basic colors.

Custom colors are available! Our black Tatino seats are prominently featured at the Apple Stores! Combine with other items in our range.

Brand Name: baleri italia
Product Name: tatino
Designer: denis santachiara
Item model number: ed860
Product Category: furniture
Category Code: 458
Product Type: ottomans
Design Year: 1995/2017
Model Year: current
Size: 19.09 in
Assembled Height: 17.12 inches
Assembled Length: 19.09 inches
Assembled Depth: 19.09 inches
Assembly Required: no (ships assembled)
Item Weight: 11.02 lbs
Shipping Weight: 12.25 lbs
Used For: Living Room
Material: polyurethane, metal, b-eleastic fabric cover
Color: cream/black/blue/yellow/orange/red/green/brown
Color Map: multicolor
Pattern: solid
Finish: normal
Shape: round
Style Name: modern
Condition: new
Package Quantity: 1
Availability: available for order

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