Natural River Pebble Tile Mat

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Natural River Pebble Tile Mat

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Our beautiful river pebble tile mats feature real riverbed pebbles as found in nature. Artfully arranged slices of flat, smooth river rock pebbles on a mesh backing create each naturally unique mat. Our pebble tile collection is compiled from the finest variety of pebbles; not just a single type of pebble. These attractive river pebble tile floor mats bring the calming beauty of a riverbed indoors and create a clam an soothing visual effect.

River pebble tile mat is similar to other mats and rugs in size and shape, but contain natural sliced river pebbles set on a mesh type material to create a more natural rustic look. You can use the smaller pebble tile mat as a grand entryway doormat statement. Each pebble tile mat will be shipped rolled in a strong cardboard box.

A non-skid rug pad (not included) is recommended for protecting sensitive flooring, such as soft woods. Use glue or epoxy to reattach any stones that may loosen or separate from the mesh through use over time. Make sure adhesive is completely dry before placing the mat or rug on the floor.

Price is for 1 (one) pebble tile mat.

Size Options:
Size: 2' w x 3' l

Material: sliced natural river pebbles on mesh backing.

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