Boby Rolling Art Taboret and Supply Storage Cart on Wheels 3/6

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Joe Colombo: Boby Storage Trolley Office Organizer 3/6
Three sections high with six swing-out organizer trays.
Designed by Joe Colombo in 1968.
B-Line Office Furniture, Italy.

Special Price Starting at: $595.00 instead of $781.00

This office organizer is available in four colors: white, black, orange or red.

Design: Joe Colombo. Date: 1960s. Boby®; the world's most popular 6-drawer unit plastic craft & art storage trolley on wheels is made with durable utility-grade ABS and sturdy pull-out shelves. Joe Colombo's Boby artist taboret offers a streamlined 'art supply cart' and organizing solution for artists that keeps your work area open and clutter-free.

The world's most popular art storage trolley on wheels was designed by Joe Colombo, the leading industrial designer of 20th century Italian design. The Joe Colombo rolling Boby artist taboret offers a streamlined art cart and supply organizing solution that keeps your work area open and clutter-free. Providing both open and concealed drawer storage, this organizer features three swing out organizing trays which neatly hide all their contents. Each drawer stores all your small homewares and office supplies such as copy and printer paper, ink, toner & ribbons, calculators, paperclips, clips, pushpins, pens, pencils and markers, rubber bands, staples & staples, notebooks, iPhone, etc. Yes, each drawer has even sufficient space to store your Apple iPad, Amazon's Kindle or Barnes&Noble's Nook. The Joe Colombo Boby storage trolley is a a great solution for everyday filing, storage and shelving needs.

Having an efficient business or home office is only possible with proper organization as you already know. But finding the right organizing cabinets can be a challenge. Joe Colombo's Boby organizer solves this problem as it allows you to maximize your desktop working space with storage drawers and a vertical storage for tubes. Adequate storage is the key to creating a productive and organized business or home office environment. This office organizer will help to keep your office organized and running smoothly.

Office filing and storage made easy with the Joe Colombo Boby storage trolley office organizer! The Joe Colombo Boby is a must have workspace organizer for the business and the home office. This attractive modern organizer can be used in any room. This workspace storage unit is very practical since it has casters which make it easy to move around. Swing out organizing drawer trays help keep office supplies organized. There is even an open compartment with removable lids which allows for vertical storage of posters, prints, architectural renderings, tubes, etc. This practical office organizing tool helps keep your desktop space clean and organized so office supplies are easy to find. Ample storage space, handy swing-out trays for documents, removable top for tube storage and casters make it a fantastic object for everyday use in a whole host of environments. It is perfect for the demanding corporate office, modern home office, retail environments, beauty- and hair salons, spa and resort environments, doctor's offices, architects, engineers, artists, nail salons, laboratories, etc...

Permanent collections:
Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Milan Triennale, Italy.

Material: injection-moulded ABS plastic.
Size: 16.15" W x 16.93" D x 29.13" H (41cm x 43cm x 74cm).
Size drawer height: 2.36" H (6cm).

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