Naef Cella Swiss Wooden Stacking Puzzle

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Naef Toy Cella Swiss Wooden Puzzle Stacking Toy
Deluxe wooden Naef toy, made in Switzerland.
Presented in a white cardboard gift box.

Naef Cella, made in Switzerland. Naef Cella was designed by Peer Clahsen in 1979 for Naef Toys, Switzerland. Cella is available in several vibrant color combinations. Cella is one of our best selling Naef toys! Naef's Cella allows you to create your own op-art masterpiece in the style of Victor Vasarely or a futuristic space ship, everything is possible! Nine divisible shells fit into each other to make chambers and rooms, flowers and leaves. Look, play and be amazed! Cella guarantees hours of fun! Not for children under 3 years old. Watch the Naef Cella video bottom page.

The wonderfully modular design of Cella combines fun playing with curiosity and spatial experimentation. This toy is based on the cubic shape that can be varied in different ways. Cella consists of nine half-cube shells in various sizes. The individual components of both toys and be combined to create an infinite number of new shapes using imagination and skills. Both concepts allow the use of the simple shape of the cube to playfully explore and expand the knowledge of spatiality and geometry. Whether assembled into a compact cubic solid or hollow body, or as ornamented towers, the variation options seem unlimited.

Naef toys are designed and made in Switzerland. This wooden toy company still creates each toy at their Swiss workshop in Zeiningen. The Naef collection includes artistic and educational wooden toys that have been designed with quality in mind. Many of our customers praise the Swiss-made heirloom quality and purchase them as collectors pieces. Beyond the fact that most of these toys look like museum quality sculptures, they also happen to be great educational toys. Naef toys are made to last. To achieve their durability, Naef crafts its wooden toys by hand, using only the highest quality materials. Each and every one of these wooden Naef toys is carefully crafted with non-toxic paint. The wooden toy collection of Naef includes some very remarkable architect-designed op-art pieces. Adult collectors will find much to like in sculptural toys such as Cella and Cubicus which resemble the work of French artist Victor Vasarely. Another Naef puzzle worth mentioning is Modulon; a Piet Mondrian and Gerrit Rietveld inspired modernist architectural toy which allows you to create your own minimalist house in the manner of 'De Stijl'. Toddlers will find great delight in the Animal Puzzle, the Rainbow Puzzle and Juba, a wooden caterpillar. These are fine educational learning toys that encourage gross motor skills and will make every child smile. The Naef collection of wooden toys will appeal to discriminating people who value craftsmanship, quality, design and enjoyment. Naef: Swiss-made quality wooden toys that no child or adult can resist! In an age where everything seems to be disposable, these quality wooden toys are made to be kept forever.

Material: wood
Size: 3.94" x 3.94" x 3.94".

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