Kristian Vedel Bird by ArchitectMade - Small

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Kristian Vedel: Small Bird
ArchitectMade, Denmark.

Why do birds suddenly appear? Kristian Vedel Wood Bird by ArchitectMade from NOVA68's Danish Gift Shop. Architect Made's Danish Wooden Bird Figurines were designed in the 1950s and quickly became a high-quality souvenir gifting idea to buy in Denmark as an American gift for Danes (during Christmas or Birthdays) or for Danish host families. In 1959, Vedel designed a small family of woodpecker-shaped wooden birds, which quickly caught attention of the public and became one of the most successful danish wooden products from the 60s. Whether you are feeling excited, angry or melancholic, the bird family by Kristian Vedel is there to experience life with you. Their bodies can be turned upside down depending on whether you want to create a female or male. Their head and beak can be positioned so that they are happy, sad, curious or anything that you can imagine. There are no borders to the expressions of the birds and whatever you are experiencing, they want to experience it with you. Happiest when in groups of other birds, they are vigilant companions to your everyday life. This classic Kristian Vedel wooden Bird figure comes packaged in a gift box. A beautiful display piece, lovingly brought back to us by ArchitectMade.

Material: Natural and smoked oak.

Size: 3" h x 1.5" w (not included beak).

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