Kristian Vedel Bird by ArchitectMade - Large

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Kristian Vedel: Large Bird
ArchitectMade, Denmark.

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Large Bird from Architectmade by Kristian Vedel. Whether you are feeling excited, angry or melancholic, the Bird family is there to experience it with you. The children, parents and the grandparents all poses the capability to transform their moods like any human being - just turn their heads, point up their beaks or reverse their body shape and a whole new mood is created. And how about changing the family dynamic all together? No problem for the Birds, their bodies can be turned upside down depending on whether you want to create a female or a male. This opens up vast possibilities of combinations of the Birds. One day it can be a girl and a boy happily huddling together, and the next two girls curiously chatting away. There are no borders to the expressions of the Birds and whatever you are experiencing, they want to experience it with you. Happiest when in groups of other Birds, they are vigilant companions to your everyday life. So, how are YOU feeling today?

Material: Natural and smoked oak.

Size: 4.5" h x 2.2" w (not included beak).

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