Kay Bojesen: Songbird Alfred

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Kay Bojesen: Songbird Alfred Wooden Toy
Kay Bojesen Classic Wooden Toy Collection
Rosendahl, Denmark.

This beautiful Kay Bojesen Songbird listens to the name 'Alfred'. Alfred is made of natural and smoked oak and is ideal for any contemporary interior where natural materials dominate. Full of life and with a jovial charm, Kay Bojesen's Swedish daughter-in-law generously shared anecdotes from her life in the Bojesen family. Feminine and pink to the very tips of her feathers, Songbird Alfred is a joy to behold!

The beautiful Songbird collection was created by Kay Bojesen in the 1950s, but never put into production, until now. Ruth, Pop, Otto, Kay, Peter and Sunshine are colorful bird figurines to delight design lovers of all ages. The six different songbirds are named after the designer and his family and all come with personalities of their own. All seven Songbirds have a clean, modern Scandinavian design expression, stripped of superfluous details. And though clearly not an attempt to imitate nature, the Songbirds are still so lifelike that it is easy to imagine them breaking out in song. Each Songbird is cute as a button and makes a perfect present for young and old. Best of all, the Kay Bojesen Songbirds don't need feeding, so you can leave the home without having to worry about them!

Rosendahl manufactures the Kay Bojesen Songbirds in tight cooperation with his family out of high quality beech wood with wonderful hand painted details that win charm with passing years. Kay Bojesen himself has paid homage to the mantra that good design should be human, warm and vivid, during his whole life: "They should remind of a circus", is how he used to describe his works, from which his lovingly wooden creatures count to the most popular ones.

Material: Natural and smoked oak.
Dimensions of Songbird: ca. 6" x 6.25"


Kay Bojesen: Kay Bojesen was one of the pioneers of Danish design. His classic wooden toys including his famous wooden monkey have transformed kids' rooms into jungles for the last half a century. In 1922, Kay Bojesen began designing wooden toys, typically about six to ten inches tall, with moveable limbs. These included a teak and limba monkey (1951), an oak elephant, a bear made of oak and maple, a rocking horse of beech, a dachshund dog in walnut, a hippo and rabbit in oak and Danish military figures including a drummer, a private with gun and a standard-bearer. Kay Bojesen's premise in his wooden toy design was a conviction that his objects should have life, blood and a heart. This is especially obvious in his beloved wooden toy soldiers and wooden animals, which have adorned children's bedrooms with smiles, taking children's dreams to imaginative far-flung lands. These classic wooden toys stay with you from childhood into adulthood, and we call them classics because we would not want to be without them. And because they were made with love, imagination and intelligence. These are classic wooden heirloom toys.